PLA Bag | A Kind of Cornstarch Bag

Author : Fiona
Update time : 2023-11-27 15:24:51
Plastic bags are so convenient and useful that people have been inseparable from plastic bags. The convenience of plastic bags makes people forget that the original purpose of plastic bags is not disposable, often used once and thrown away. But many people do not know, the main raw material for the production of plastic bags is polyethylene, this material is very difficult to degrade. But when people use PLA bags instead of ordinary plastic bags, "White Pollution" this problem is solved. PLA bag, the degradable plastic bag, can be degraded in just a few months, greatly alleviating the waste of land resources.

PLA: A kind of Fully Degradable Material

PLA, Chinese name Polylactic Acid, the raw material is mainly corn starch, which is obtained through fermentation and polymerization. This PLA bag can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, no pollution, it is a bio-based and renewable biodegradable material with complete biodegradability and thermoplastic processing. In addition to biodegradability, products made from PLA also have high strength, high transparency, good heat resistance and high plasticity. The more PLA content, the stronger the pearl color of the product surface and the smoother the handfeel. Polylactic acid has antibacterial and anti-mold effect, and can be directly loaded with food.

Widely Usage and Customization

The PLA bags can be used for supermarket shopping bags, daily necessities bags, daily garbage bags, etc., and can put down enough weight to meet daily needs. At the same time, you can also choose to customize the pattern and text on the bag, through a variety of processes to customize a beautiful bag, it is not just a commodity packaging bag. Its exquisite appearance is more loveable, becoming a beautiful scenery on the street. Coupled with its firm, waterproof, non-stick characteristics will become the first choice of customers out of the door, in such a handheld shopping bag, printed on the company's logo or advertising, handbags instantly become a mobile billboard, bringing the advertising effect is self-evident.

If there are a certain custom kind of PLA bag in your heart, you can feel free to contact us to custom and wholesale, Hyde has 12 years of export experience and has exported to more than 150 countries, we will reply within 24 hours.
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